Adria  Is one of Craft's True Friends. She carries around a huge purple

sword everywhere. 



Personaillty:Adria is a very shy and quiet person.Her and Craft are most alike so they get alongvery very well. While Adria is shy and quiet most of the time, sometimes she can be mean and agerrsive. Craft isn't agerrsive unless she's in a serouis situation.  SuperPowers:Adria's super power is to shapeshift into a 

Ponyta Adria

ponyta and any pokemon she want to. Again, she only turn into POKEMON. Not animals like Craft. Craft and Adria have the same superpower almost. Relationship:Adria is craft's absoulute "BFF" They always have eachother backno matter what. Her relatonship with Pete isn't soo good. Pete was always jelousof Adria. Pete is jelous of anyone who "replaces him". Even though Adria is Craft's friend. She lives with her and Craft is starting to act like a mother. Even though Craft is 13. Human World: Before Adria got sucked into the minecraft world like Craft And Pete, she dated Joey . Now Craft never dated Joey  but had a crush on him for a while. Adria doesn't remember a single thing about the human world. Craft barley remembers, But as Craft always says "Let the Past, Stay in the past, or i'll punch you." Age:17 ((a bit older than Craft)) Weapon: A long time ago, Joey gave Craft his sword.((back when they were friends)) Craft didn't want it so a couple years later she gave it to Adria. But what Craft DIDN'T know Joey is part demon. The sword poses anyone who uses it and corups their mind. Adria hasn't gotten take over yet because the sword needs 100 kills and then it will posses anyone who uses it.