"Halt! You Commited Crime, Now You Must Be Punished. Drop Any Weapons!"

-Alphabots Line

Bio Edit

"He" is a robot who is programmed to defend Gravity City. He stopped taking orders when there wasn't a king anymore. He is now a rogue bot scavenging and killing innocents because he thinks everyone is doing crimes.

AlphaBot Broken Down

Name: AlphaBot

Nickname: Leader Of Justice, BossBot, Alpha Storm. (formerly)

Age: 1 Year Of Protecting.

Status: Grave state of dis-repair.

Race: Robot

Gender: None
AlphaBot Wiki 2

Powers: Making gravity heavier, due to the Gravitite in its chest.

Allies: All Fighting Bots.

Weapons: Titanium Katana, Laser Eyes, Rocket Boots.