GW10KL Revolver
Gun, gunner!
Head Unknown
Body Unknown
Legs Unknown

The Argonaut Weapon Development Company's latest addition, the GW10KL 'Great White' Revolver, is a fairly large 10 mm revolver and is considered the successor to the T10KL 'Tiger' Revolver.

A Message from Argonaut #1Edit

Hello, gunslingers! We here at Argonaut Weapons Development have brought you one of the finest weapons we've ever produced, the GW10KL 'Great White' 10 mm Revolver! This fine piece of engineering fires 10 mm slugs at over 1000 feet per second. It's guaranteed to take out your enemy, be they wild animals or wild rebels, with sheer power and accuracy. Right now you can get your own GW10KL for digital download at [REDACTED] for the low price of [REDACTED]. 

A Message from Argonaut #2Edit

Due to the outbreak in fighting thanks to the so-called Resistance, production on the GW10KL has been halted momentarily due to its being deemed 'too dangerous' for public use. In recent events, the resistance criminal scum known as Ganon executed several Triquetra employees with the GW10KL. Witnesses say that the massacre was both 'Not' and 'Cold-blooded murder'. This is an atrocity and we will try to prevent this from happening in the future.


Argonaut Weapons Development would like to clarify that we and our associates, H&L Genetics and Overwatch Surveillance, do not endorse the following:


  • AWD is based loosely off of Atlas from Borderlands.
  • There are very few 'Great White' Revolvers still available in the world.
  • The less powerful T10KL 'Tiger' will be available shortly.