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"This is not a robbery, Mr. Washington. Were it something even remotely similiar, you would be dead and I would have a nice new desk." -Argyle

Argyle is a character in the comic 'Schism'. He is a private investigator and is currently looking into The Triquetra Corporation. Argyle has sided with Kai and the Resistance on occasion.


Argyle was always described as 'too intelligent' during his childhood. People were afraid his knowledge and analytical skills would be misused. In the 10th grade, he thought out every possibility of a terrorist bombing and ended up spending time in the Westhill Juvenile Detention facility for 'malicious intent'. Despite this, he graduated, went to college, and studied several topics. Argyle once majored in Psychology as an 'inside joke'. He took an interest in law enforcement and eventually had a short job with the Police Department as a detective. Argyle was later honorably discharged for 'pointing out every flaw in the police system ever'. 

Eventually, he decided to put his investigative skills to use after 2 years of martial arts study across Asia. He now works as a private investigator, and is currently looking into the Triquetra Corporation. 


Argyle has always enjoyed fedoras for some odd reason. He wears an old black/brown fedora with a grey denim jacket. To keep his anonymity and protect those he cares about, he dons a black mask when he works as a private investigator.

Argyle is not his real name.


Argyle studied various martial arts across Asia for at least 2 years. He is proficient in fencing. At a young age he took to hunting, and is exemplary with any kind of firearm.

Argyle has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, though his office would suggest otherwise.


Argyle's weapon of choice is a massive .44 Magnum Revolver, which he wears near his heart at all times and occasionally uses to stop other's. He also keeps a cold bottle of beer in his desk minifridge at all times, to be used as an anti-sober device or anti-personell device. Argyle has a switchblade stashed somewhere on his person, but nobody knows where.


  • Stevepocalyptic based Argyle off of other loner investigator fedora characters, such as Rorscach and The Question
  • Argyle's favorite food is Chinese Take-Out
  • Though not in any way a holy man, Argyle spends much time in the church for some reason. FORESHADOWING.
  • Dat fedora
  • Stevepocalyptic is going as Argyle for Halloween.