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AwesomeShah's/The One's Minecraft Skin

This is the introduction to The One which means The Fighter. Anyway, Back to the point AwesomeShah is A great fighter and is a brother of an immortal. AwesomeShah is Shah's nickname. Pronounced Sh-hah or Sh-aa

Loves: Sonia

Allies: Alot

Enemies: EvilShah and loads more

Job: Doctor, Retired Scientist.

Skills Edit

He is a parkour expert better than Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed. He is a fighter he fights to protect the universe and all the citizens. He Defends Aswell. 


  • He has a wonderful and not so wonderful life as his Brother EvilShah hates him for all enternity. ShahBot is AwesomeShah's Robot He has made from scratch. Shah is The Son of Shah Zior and Aly Zior.
  • Shah's family died when he was 5 years old, They had died in a car crash.