Balla Diakité
Name Balla Diakité
Sex Male
Age 11
Species Human
Relatives Mr. Diakité & Mrs. Diakité
Friends John Dragon, Steven, Mark, Stour, Light
Introduced in Balla's Adventures
Voiced by TheGoku7729
Likes Pizza, McDonald's, Krusty Burger, Cookies
Dislikes Soup, Dead People, Ends of Worlds, MissingNo.
Powers Flying, Super Speed, High Jumping, Wall Jumping
Weapons Glitch Sword, Fire Staff


Hey guys and gals, Balla here! Yes i sound mature! Dsoiqdjzqdjizopzejoipzjiaiodjaj-

Presenter : SHUT UP!


  • He's the king of randomness.
  • His favorite smiley is 8D.
  • He works at the Golden B in the savanna.
  • He likes fighting, but doesn't like death.


When he was young he was able to run very fast. One day while running through a forest, he found some mysteriously colored emeralds. After touching one, a child appeared in front of him out of the colored Emeralds, that child was Light looked a bit like him,but with green eyes and his skin was a bit lighter. Balla thought he should take him with him and decided to take him to his house. While running towards his house, back to his parents and dog, he saw a white flash and fainted. After waking up shortly after, he continued running home with Light. Once he got there he looked himself in the mirror and saw that he turned into a hedgehog. He had found a shape shifting belt that could make him change his appearance,so he uses it in most of his fights to trick his opponent,not knowing he can shapeshift. In the future he'll meet Steven, John Dragon, Mark and Nick.