"How would you like to leave your family and friends behind and come on an adventure through space and time?"

        -Will Cardinal, to Johny

Regeneration List

1.  Jason Cardinal

  • Quiet, reserved
  • Preferred diplomacy over action

2.  Mei Cardinal

  • Very energetic
  • Enjoyed using her sonic pen

3.  Will Cardinal

  • More serious than Mei, but enjoyed having fun
  • Was creepily sexual around women

4. Margaret Cardinal

  • Stern, cold, and often times cruel
  • Embittered by the theft of her equipment

5. Rosa Cardinal

  • Less serious than Margaret
  • Managed to restore an aging TARDIS

6.  Kira Cardinal

  • Quiet and reserved
  • Prefers diplomacy to action




10.  [UNKNOWN]

11.  [UNKNOWN]

12.  [UNKNOWN]

13.  [UNKNOWN]


  • Kenmore: Cardinal's TARDIS, takes the form of a cardboard refridgerator box (Kenmore was eventually stolen by Alexis Riley , who's justification for stealing it was that she "didn't use it to zoom around and steal panties")
  • Sonic pen, not the same device as developed by Adipose Inc.
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