Carter Csaba Csintalan
Name Carter Csaba Csintalan
Sex Male
Date of Birth February 3 1947
Place of Birth Szentendre, Second Hungarian Republic
Age 69
Species Green Creature
Occupation Inquisitor
Relatives Mátyás Csintalan, Piroska Csintalan


Carter (full name Carter Csaba Csintalan) is a highly respected inquisitor of the Tdinquisition. He is very loyal to lord Tdit, and has the glory of the Tdinquisition as his ultimate goal. He will do anything in his power to increase the influence of the Tdinquisition and make the peasant scum bow down to lord Tdit.


He was born on February 3rd 1947 in Szentendre in the Second Hungarian Republic (Magyar Köztársaság) to Mátyás Csintalan and Piroska Csintalan. He never went to any school, and spent most of his very early years helping his father make boats. After the communist takeover and birth of the Hungarian People's Republic (Magyar Népköztársaság) his parents were having thoughts about leaving the country, and never supported the new state. Carter, on the other hand, even at a young age, was a big supporter of the People's Republic and the USSR. In 1956 during the revolution, his parents had enough and decided to leave. But Carter, who was 9 at the time had other plans. He saw this action by his parents as betrayal to the state. He lost all respect for them and decided to report his father's underground boat construction business, which ended up getting both of his parents arrested. Now he had to support himself all on his own. With some boat building skills, as stupid as it was, he decided to restart his father's underground boat construction business himself. He got very lucky and was already making steady income with just that at age 11. In 1962 he met János Kádár, after talking for a little bit, the two became great friends. Because of this, János did a lot for Carter. He visited him regularly in Szentendre, as Carter wasn't read to move yet. Carter was actively involved in Hungary's politics, but he gave all the credit to János, since he didn't want to be known. In 1964 after being awarded "Hero of the Soviet Union" János got Carter a mansion in Rijeka, Yugoslavia. After this, Carter started spending much more time in his new mansion, and János couldn't visit him as regularly. But they were still friends and Carter was still active in politics. In 1968 Carter decided he wanted to take over Yugoslavia's politics as well, and he tried to become friends with Josip Broz Tito. He succeeded in becoming friends with Tito, but Tito never involved him with Yugoslavia's politics. He did however regularly give him large sums of money. Carter decided to start a non-underground boat construction business in Rijeka, which proved massively successful. But even with all of this Carter was never happy, he always wanted to make other people bow down to him, make them do as he says, but he knew that by trying any of this he would lose his riches and his status, so he continued life as usual.