"Well, i guess this is good bye... I need to see what's in this portal... I really do! I'm gonna do it!"

-Chron to Eon Bite, his last words.

Backstory Edit

A clone of Eon Bite combined with a bunny, and Eon Bite only did this because Zack did. in 2013, he escaped and met the FHS, but he killed a member accidentally, and got scared, so he tried escaping. He had problems with Eon, and stopped obeying him. He decided to get revenge "for no reason", and started stealing things...

As years passed, he was reunited with Eon Bite and was one of the leaders of the Gravitarian Army, and even became authorized to use the suits. Afterwards, he decided to accept a mission to explore Gravity City, while speaking to Eon Bite. Half of his team died from AlphaBot attacks, which the other half managed to escape, then later dying of another AlphaBot attack. He was the only one left, and managed to reach his destination.

He entered the castle, and saw a throne, with a light glowing from underneath it. He lifted up the seat, seeing a portal, which was very unstable. He saw it. A golden, shining, light, directly at him. He could not stop staring, and jumped in while comunicating with Eon Bite. The portal then shortly closed on him.

Bio Edit

Chron is usually serious most of the time. Not much is really known about him, since he left the tophat only a month after living with Harry and the rest.

Name: Chron Paw

Nickname: Chron
Chron Paw(2)

Age: 15 / Created: ???

Status: Unknown, Thought to be dead.

Orientation: Straight

Home: None
Chron Paw


Race: Bunny/Cyborg/Aphrion

Gender: Male

Powers: Force, Time stopping

Allies: FHS (formerly), Eon Bite (formerly).

Family Members: None

Weapons: Temporal Sword, Gravitarian Rifle.

Personality: Steals alot, doesn't like sharing, mostly serious.

Loves: No one.

Likes: Apples, Carrots, Lettuce, etc.

Dislikes: Animatronics. Ugh.