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Chung Seiker, also known as the Assaulter, is an Elsword. He wields two pistols made out of pure Silver. Those two pistols are called Silver Shooters.


Name: Chung Seiker

Birthdate: December 5, ????

Height: 5'8

Weight: ????

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Turquoise

Skin Color: White

Age: 17

Race: Elsword

Enemies: Elsians, anyone who he thinks is a threat

Allies: Elswords, Archians, Eri, anyone who he thinks is a friend

Weapon of Choice: Silver Shooters with silver rounds, Elimator Cannon

Aliases: The Assaulter


Chung was born in a city that was under Elsword control. At the age of 5, he encountered his first group of Elsians that executed poor Archians that were banished from cities due to them breaking the rules. At the age of 8, his father gave him a Silver Shooter, a silver composed pistol that fires a special type of Silver bullet that can pierce through titanium with ease.

His father exclusively gave him the instructions on how to create the Silver Shooter gun. When his father died, Chung travelled to find the other components to be his second pistol. At the age of 10 he successfully crafted the second Silver Shooter. Finally, at the age of 15, he became the only known Elsword to wield the two Legendary Silver Shooters and at the age of 16, became the master of Silver Shooters.

DDS Chung CTT Skill Rage

Chung with his armor on


Chung is a caring teenage Elsword. He loves to be around his friends and is always to put his life at risk to protect them. He always assists his allies in combat and always makes sure he gets the "final blow."

Despite his caring personality, Chung can get to carried away and can resort to mindless violence in fighting his foes. This will always lead to the opponent to be defeated. The outcome would be severe injuries or death.


He possesses no great abilities, but he does not need that. He uses his extremely precise acrobatic skills, master skills using the Silver Shooters, his quick speed, and impressively acurate martial arts. He is quick on his feet and can evade bombs and even bullets with ease.


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