Clinton "Clint" AndersonEdit

Clinton "Clint" Anderson (born August 24) He has the ability to move/destroy/levitate an object using his telekinetic powers. He lives in Peter's cabin.

Biographical InformationEdit

  • Name: Clinton "Clint" Anderson
  • Age: 17 years old 
  • Nickname: Clint
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability/Powers: Telekinesis/Psychokinesis
  • Born: August 24, Earth
  • Status: Alive


Clint lives on a zombie apocalypse world (which is revived) by himself and his father's friend Bill. He lives in a town, (unknown location.) with his dog and his father's friend Bill. They had an underground base that is full of guns, foods, and other equipments. After Bill died in an accident, he lives by himself. After Bill died, a few days past, he met Peter. They doesn't know each other and they're frienemies. They fight, but always make up, just like every brothers. After the city was revived, Clint decided to stay at Peter's cabin. At first, Peter didn't accept his request to stay at his cabin but then, he accepts Clint and they lived together with Beam. Clint also visits Huron planet for a couple of times to help the villagers.


Clint has the ability to perform telekinesis. He can move an object heavy or not with his mind, he can teleport without any device. He can destroy an object using his telekinetic powers. He can also protect himself using a force field/energy shield. He can also shapeshifts/transforms into any animal. He can also levitate objects and throw them.

Clint is also good at using guns, he aims a bit better than Peter. He uses any guns, he have a basement where he lived that is full of guns, but now, the guns are currently located under Dragon's cabin.