The epic battle

Connor fighting the Nameless Templar.

This is a Minecrafted version of moi.  But not so realistic.


Born in a home with a loving family in the suburbs, he left home at an early age because he thought it would make a cool story.  An artist, photographer, and sometimes sarcastic person, he found his current house in the Heresveld valleys.  It was left there, empty, and there was also a special bonus as a sort of housewarming gift: Zephyr the husky.

Physical and Emotional TraitsEdit

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Eye Color: Green, blue when glowing

Nationality: American

Personality: Sarcastic.  Can be helpful and sometimes loses his temper with people who don't know how to treat others.  Knows how to deliver a 'zinger'.