Personallity: Craft Is a 13 year old girl. She is very fun, very crazy, and a very good friend. She loves to dance and act weird with he friends. Even though Craft is 13, with her pet spiderpig Pete, she acts as if she's 20. Normally C
raft is a sweet weird gal. But if you mess with her or her friends/family she will not be happy

'Age:12 'SuperPower: N/A

Craft is very shy, but when you start to know her she is very..strange. Allthough Craft isn't the Smartest,Prettiest, or Funniest kid. She is the weirdest/kindest person you'll ever meet.     ChildHood: CLASSIFIED          Family: CraftBoy600     How Craft is now:Well now Craft is with her pet spider pig pete. He can be a handful sometimes and gets on crafts nervers. But pete is all she has left of family now. So she loves him will all her heart. SuperPower: N/A