Name: CrazLikesAnimating (Craz Ariana Endrianna) Age: *Unknown*

Parents: *Unknown/Dead*

Weapons: Diamond/Ender Axes

Powers: Flying, teleportation, Strengh, Speed, Nausia, Shifting into A Wither, Enderman, Bat horse, Wolf.Rage Mode

Weakness: Water, Electricity, Black magic


Craz grew up as a happy child. She was always told to smile when everything seemed lost. One late night, her parents got murdered by a man with red eyes and a shadow like body. (Some say that it was lord laskig) Ever since then Craz was an orphan. A few month`s later she was kidnapped and taken to an incorperation who`s goal was to create the perfect shape shifer. Craz was tortured and experimented on for 2 years. Then finnaly the scientist`s succeded and the experement was over. But something went terribly wrong with craz. She went insane with power and killed everyone who experimented on her. she was sent to prison for 10 years. Craz slowly went back to who she was before, but she knew she was still insane inside.