*Name: Doctor Amazing

How Doctor Amazing looks from the shirt up.

  • Age: ?
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite weapon: Hands and Feet
  • Likes: Studying and Analyzing things, Adventure, Good Puns.
  • Dislikes: Bad Puns. Corn, Ressurcting the Dead


Doctor Amazing. Age unknown. Orgin unknown. What do we know about this guy? He's excitable, really really excitable.

He also doesn't like it when people talk about reviving the dead. He will try everything in his power to stop them, even going as far as injuring the person. 

He also seems to have amnesia. He is remembering things bit by bit as they come up.

Also as of now, he has an incurable disease that no one knows about.

It's eating his insides very slowly and causing mental pains aswell, such as illusions.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

His hands and arms are completely made of an unknown (that word again) metal alloy. There are holes that open up inside of his hands which can absorb elemets such as wind, fire, water, electricity, etc.

He sometimes uses his power too:

-Propel himself into the air


What his hands look like.

-Return an attack

-Absorb an attack to fuel him

-Shoot objects

And more.

His goggles can do a variety of things:





When scanning, it scans a persons body. It checks everything, vital signs, bone placement, the whole deal.

It can also scan for energy traces, radiation spikes, just about everything.

When storing, it can bring back information from past scans.

When copying, Doctor Amazing can copy the move from anyone that he's seen do it. He cannot copy special powers though, like healing and flying.