Note: These characters are old, retconned and shouldn't ever be used, but I'll keep this page anyway, - MrDonoB
Wild Dono

A Wild Dono

Dono is a type of species that are really hard to find.

They have been around for an unknown number of years.

Someone known as "DonoTheGreat" is king of all donos.


  • Donos can only be girls.(?)
  • You can call one if you use the special Dono call.
  • If you manage to call a Dono, They need a hug.
  • If you don't hug him, The Dono will ignore you.

    Earliest known photo of a Dono.

  • If you DO hug him, He will follow you and help you fight.
  • They commonly build houses that look like their faces.
  • If you try to break their home, they will attack. If there is only one, It will call other Donos to help him.
  • If you kill a Dono, You will receive "Book" It is currently unknown what this "Book" contains.
  • Their favorite drink is Chocolate Milk.
  • They only like red-haired girls, Reason unknown.
  • For some reason they only speak "Dono" language. e.g. "Nang nang nang nang nang!" They can still understand english, but the only one known that can speak english is DonoTheGreat.
  • When they rapidly blink, that means they see something they want.
  • They hug instead of kiss because they don't have mouths.
  • Their favorite food is a "Grilled Cheese"


They carry one Golden Sword, a bow and 10 arrows, and "Book"


You can lure one into a house that looks like his head, and holds baby kittens, chocolate milk, and a pretty red-haired girl.

Once you lure one into a house, you can kill him, or tame him.

Calling a DonoEdit

You have to type

"Ulelelelelulelelelulelu" without copying and pasting.

If it does not work the first time, keep trying.

If this problem persists, try trapping one.