Name: Epic Dorango Step

Age: 299 in human years, around 23 in mancer years

Gender: E4x-Male

Appearance: Wears a white trench coat with a yellow trim, dark grey pants, and a red undershirt. the trench-coat also has a hoodie.


Personality: In human standards, a mixture of extremely social, and antisocial, in mancer standards, normal.

Weapons: A black-handled yellow-bladed two-handed scythe, and a sword, though may carry an assortment of equipment, including pistols, rifles, and gernades.

Backstory: (the following story uses human years compared to a mancers life. this might it hard to understand)

Epic was the heir of the "step" family, responsible for many of the tech advances for the mancers. he didn't really like being a scientist, so he decided to join the mancers Demonic Presence Department. He joined the Normal Operations team, Squad 4-15. Designation "Checkmate". He was in the fight against the largest recorded demon ever recorded that the DPD combated. The same demon killed not only his entire squad, but his entire platoon. The sole reason Epic survived is because he was running to grab ammo from the nearby Forward Operations Base, the order was given to him by the Platoon Captain. While he ran to get ammo, the entire platoon was destroyed. Epic, after the operation, was given the "Divisional Captain" rank. Epic quit the same day, became the Owner of Dstep labs, and recessed into an extremely antisocial version of himself, festering the creation of one of the single biggest(and worst) demons in mancer history, however, epic noticed what was happening, and trapped the demon within himself. Shortly after epic trapped the demon inside of him, he was drafted to fight in the forth mancer revolution, where his side emerged victorious. Epic then became the legal guardian of his younger sister Safron, his younger brother, Nick, and his cousin, Neo, and, now, is the legal guardian of Alva. After the fifth mancer revolution, Alice adopted Alva, and Epic was soul-forged into a sword. Due to his extensive knowledge of said subject, he reformed his body, reclaimed his scythe, and is currently rebuilding Dstep Labs.

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