"Ah great. This house will be crowded soon."

-Ether to Harry, with the arrival of Kit-E.


Ether Rig Revamp

Current look.

She used to live in gravity city normally, until, well, Snivy and every other insane idiot came along. She then adventured someplaces with Harry, and used to live in her own cabin. (With a top hat inside~) One day, SnivyBot and Nick had found Harry and Ether (and Jane, who was asleep) to discuss, but then it attracted Exploration Bots and the Gravitarian Army since SnivyBot and Harry are both "Rogue Soldiers". It forced them to live in West Owl, and they all joined the Gravitarian Military. Ether joined as a shotgun soldier.

After the combine invasion, she was moved to City 38, where she joined Civil Protection and proved to be worthful. She later became the leader of an Elite Stalker Squad, a group of asassins, which means her suit made her able to go invisible.

She was then defeated during the uprising, and forced to be a rebel.

She eventually arrived at Black Forest, where she stayed until the incident. She was moved to Genova, and decided to live with Harry, SnivyBot, Kit-E, and Jello. She found a little interest in Harry and tries not to show it. (Too much.)

After the Combine were defeated, she, Harry, and a few other soldiers were sent to the Aether by Eon to explore to make sure it was safe enough.

She later quit her job as a Shotgun Soldier, to live normally. (She kept a shotgun, too.)


Ether is a former leader of an Elite Stalker Squad. She somewhat regrets betraying the Combine but still tries to enjoy being a normal citizen.

Theme Song: Daft Punk - High Life

Name: Ether Asta Alitzah

Nickname: Ether

Age: 27 / Born: 2 January 1988

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Bisexual (she loves girls more than boys, but still)

Home: In Harry's Top hat.

Race: Aphrion

Gender: Female

Allies: Jello, SnivyBot, Harry, Kit-E, HPA-Bot, Kaluko, Valentine, Omega, Remington.

Powers: Force.

Family Members: -Unknown-

Weapons: Dual Revolvers, Spas 12 Shotgun.

Loves: Harry.

Likes: Pizza.

Dislikes: Stupid annoying people, being disobeyed.