Evan (Schism)
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"The leader of the Resistance is a tactical genius. Short and simple. But good luck borrowing a pen from him." -Kent

Evan is a recurring character in the comic Schism. He is the leader of the Resistance and is allies with Kai.


Evan L. Warren was born August 18th in a run-down hospital in New Block Haven. He grew up learning to fight, and at some point in his life became friends with Ron. They eventually parted ways, Ron taking the path of hired gun and Evan joining the Triquetra militia.

Evan served a short term in the Triquetra Corporation's private military. Inside the corporation he noticed greed and corruption overtook whatever good values the corporation had originally represented. When the corporation finally [SPOILERS], he left. Rumors of a Resistance slowly surfaced, and Evan sought after these rumors. He met with the resistance leader, Ganon, who saw potential in him despite his Triquetra background. Ganon gave him further training.

During a raid on Triquetra, Ganon was fatally wounded. His last words were that Evan should take his place as leader of the Resistance. Evan now leads the Resistance under the codename Eli Washington. He has developed major trust issues, and can be paranoid.


Evan wears a combination of normal street clothes and modified Triquetra combat armor. He also wears Ganon's old mask, which he spray-painted blue. 


Evan has trained in martial arts throughout his life. He also has combat training through Triquetra, and is proficient with most firearms.


Evan utilizes a wide variety of weapons and gadgets. His mask, originally worn by Ganon, has a built-in gas mask, night vision, and a voice amplifier. It also looks really cool.

Evan also wields a mysterious dagger. He has had this dagger since his childhood, but can't remember where it originated. Triquetra analysts regard it as 'one of the most dangerous weapons on the continent'.


  • Evan was created by the actual Keyblade Master Evan from the Mine-imator forums.
  • He is not blue Deadpool.
  • His middle name is L.