Evan always seemed to be a normal boy. This is unfortunately not true AT ALL. When he turned five a white eyed man he later learned was called Herobrine. Cursed him. An evil grew inside him. He also lost his parents this same day. He was adopted by his uncle and trained to be a fighter for the King of his small town. He got no help from the king and became a "rebel" and then he had to fight a new darkness. He defeated it and continued with his life. 2 Years after this he turned thirteen and made an amateur robot of himself. He had a nice life until a few months later when his darkness escaped. His darkness sent a robot to destroy his robot. Evan then went on a quest and trapped his evil back inside him. He has now been chosen by the keyblade and has become a warrior to fight the darkness.


He can transform into a cat and is training in flying.


Keyblade warrior outfit:

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