"Halt! You are commiting a crime. You have been reported."

-FightingBot 1, 2 and 3's lines.


-An old broken down FightingBot attacking SnivyBot and Nick.


Gravity City was economically unstable, leading to tons of death and attacks. Kings didnt work out, which caused even more destruction. Eon Bite and Zack teamed up to create Fighting Bots. They were some that acted like police, and some as soldiers. Everything was going well, until all the fighting bots glitched out and took everything as a crime, or threat. They destroyed Gravity City, and it had to be abandoned.


Ones Alive: 59 Fighting Bots V4 (lowered due to them going in hazardous areas), AlphaBot, SnivyBot (Formerly a Prototype).

All in Total: 60 Bots (Including SnivyBot).

Rogue Bots

Date Created: SnivyBot 2013, V1's 2013, V2's 2013, V3's 2013, AlphaBot 2014, FightingBotsV4 2014.

Nicknames: Justice Fighters, Police Of The Future, Fight Bots. (all formerly), The Destructors, Rogue Bots.

Leaders: Zack, AlphaBot, Eon Bite, Vasili. (All Formerly)

Weapons: Laser Cannon, Titanium Sword, Blade Shooter, Sticky Bombs.

Goal: Defeat all people that dis-obey the law. (Until they all glitched out, which caused them to take everything as a threat.)

Allies: Themselves.