Artist's impression of Frossa

Frossa (full name The Amazing Frossa) is a sinister, former field marshal of the Imperial Minecraftian army, who was forced in exile by the Emperor. Ever since, Frossa has wandered around the lands of Minecraft, residenting in different places. On his travels, he tends to seek out The Doctor, whom he established a friendship based on trading hand slaps with, while also harassing people in his presence, often with fatal outcomes.

Other friends of Frossa include Rummy and Ayhay.


Born in 1754 as the thirty eighth son of the richest beggar in Mineton city, the imperial capital of Minecraft, The Amazing Frossa spent the majority of his youth turning over barrels in the marketplace, much to the local residences' dismay. His favorite barrel-content to let go to waste was pears, although fish came close in second. His fascination for overturning things lead to him to one day overturning a horse drawn cart, in which a group of men who it turned out were plotting against the ruling Emperor were sitting. The cart then caught fire and the men inside were killed. The Emperor awarded the then 9-year old Frossa with the military rank of Field marshal, the highest military rank achieveable.

In 1775, aged 21, The Amazing Frossa attended a party thrown by the Emperor, which had the guests bring their most cherished Pokémon. As Frossa beholded a strange species, he was disgusted by the lack of imagination that the creator of this creature had. In rage, he drenched all of the Pokémon in oil, and lit a match. It is unknown how many innocent Pokémon were killed that day, but it was enough for the enraged Emperor to force Frossa's resignation as Field marshal, and force him to leave the country. As the Empire of Minecraft covered the entire planet, this proved a difficult task for Frossa, who couldn't afford an interplanetary trip, nor mastered the art of teleportation. Instead, he travelled around the whole world, not detaining himself at one location more than a day in order to avoid capture by imperial forces. As our modern times dawn, Frossa is still travelling, occassionally interacting with people, sometimes ending their lives in brutal manners for his own entertainment.

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