Harley & Lassiter Genetics, or H&L Genetics for short, is a subsidary of the Triquetra Corporation and is one of the 'big heads' making up the so-called 'hydra' that is the Triquetra corporation, the others being Argonaut Weapons Development and Overwatch Surveillance. H&L is responsible for various biological crises across the Northern Continent. The division is named after Jacob Harley, the founder of Triquetra and his assistant, Arnold Lassiter.


Jacob Harley was already an experienced doctor and genetecist when Triquetra was founded, so it took little work to set up a lab near the Triquetra main compound. He and Lassiter somehow managed to fund the growth of the division through unknown methods, and it soon became one of the 'big heads'. 


H&L's numerous genetic projects have left quite a scar on the world. Their most noteworthy projects include: 

Project Orochi - Attempt to combine human and reptillian DNA, outcome unknown.

Project Ulysses - Attempt to create performance-enhancing drug, failure. Test Subjects #094 and #126 escaped, retaining benefits of drug due to a mutation in the drug-administering parasite. Search parties have been dispatched. 

Project December - Purpose unknown, outcome unknown. 


  • Orochi means snake in Japanese, which is a reference to Orochimaru from the Naruto series, who (like the project) has conducted various genetic experiments and is part snake.
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