"I've returned for a rematch!"

-Harry to the Valkrie Queen, about to fight.


Harry Rig-0

He was the 2 of 4 attempts of cloning Zack. When he was cloned, he was curious about things, and didnt speak english, and escaped the lab, and came back in with zack after some minutes.

He met alot of people, and had 3 girlfriends, first one was Layla, second was Rosy, then Shy, but Rosy came back when shy broke up.

He led Waybot and Snivybot to the outer chat room, where everything was controlled: Which, without Harry's knowledge, made Waybot evil, and since SnivyBot knew about it, Harry had to keep him away from anyone: By throwing him into space and just in case, erased his memory of it before that. Literally.

He became part of the Gravitarian Military, as a high ranked soldier. He went rogue for months, but finally re-joined due to an incident with the cabin he lived in. Still considered rogue due to his past actions, he isnt as trusted like always. He disguised his Top Hat as part of his uniform.

After the combine invasion, he was moved to City 38 where he soon escaped and met up with other Rebels. He joined Boleslavs squad, as an assistant, but after Boleslavs death, he just became part of Asya's squad, and made Asya into the leader of the resistance due to certain... "rules".

Harry Soldier Uniform

G-A Uniform.

When most of the survivors arrived at the resistance base (Called "Black Forest" totally not a rip-off ehehaheae), they were partially led by Harry until Asya arrived and gave plans for the uprising. During the uprising, he found Ether as part of the ESS. Although Ether didnt turn into a rebel, she just didnt kill them, and let them live, due to getting whacked in the head with a stun baton by Evyn.

When they all Returned to Black Forest, they were attacked by the Combine. The attack lead to the death of many rebels, especially the leader, Asya. He witnissed it, and was very shocked to see it happen. He was relocated to Genova afterwards, where he lived with Ether, Jello, Kit-E, and SnivyBot.

He also created the HPA-Bot as an assistant to help around the top hat.


He is very friendly and usually is seen relaxing and trying to rest, but will sometimes help those in need. He has the behaviour of a detective when it comes to solving mysteries.

His position in the G-A is supposedly secret, although he disguises as a low ranked soldier. He is really high ranked in the G-A, although it is unknown what he does at such a high rank.

Theme Song: Daft Punk - Fresh

Name: "Harry"

Nickname: Harry

Status: Alive.

Age:  19 / Created: ???

Orientation: ???

Home: In his Top hat.

Race: Aphrion

Gender: Male

Powers: Force.

Allies: Ether, Jello, Kit-E, SnivyBot, HPA-Bot, Kaluko, Valentine, Omega, Remington, Tappy.

Family Members: none

Weapons: Titanium Sword, Rocket Laucher, AR2, (Multiple, but always temporary weapons.) Golden Glock 18, and Umbrella.

Loves: Ether. ("It's like we were meant for eachother!")

Likes: Tea, Flavoured Tea, helping others. (Sometimes failing horribly.)

Dislikes: Not very smart people, people who mess things up, any time and space problems.

4th Wall Breaking

Harry is known for being able to communicate with his creators, and is seemingly aware he isn't real. He also appears to have knowledge of alternate universes and otherwise OOC RP and Information.