Vital statistics
Position Lord of the Nether
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Nether Powers
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
~ Wilrus, after being brought in front of Herobrine
Herobrine is the main antagonist and titular character of the comic Herobrine. He is the Lord of the Nether and the supreme leader of the Nether army.

His theme is Derek Fiechter - Legend of the Dark Lord.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

Herobrine was born in 1506 in Minecraftia. When becoming an adult, he became an assassin. In 1545, he attempted to murder King David, a cruel tyrant who ruled the land, but he failed to do so and was sent to prison. He was later freed by Prince Harold, King David's son, who disliked his father's methods and wanted to create a land of benevolence. A few weeks later, Herobrine assisted Prince Harold in the battle against King David which ended up in Prince Harold's victory. Kind David was executed and Prince Harold became king of the West side of the land while Neo Ashi ruled the East side.

Being ambitious, Herobrine wanted to take control of the land by force. He spent five years building his own army and attempted to battle King Harold's army at Asgarnia in 1550. However, thanks to the Ashi army's intervention, King Harold ended up victorious. Herobrine died in battle and his army was dissolved.

In 1560, a wither skeleton necromancer named Darvin brought Herobrine back to life under the form of a demon. On Darvin's advice, Herobrine went in the Nether Dimension and defied Darkos, the Lord of Nether, in a fight. Herobrine managed to defeat and kill Darkos, he then became the new ruler of the Nether.

Desiring to resume his ambition, Herobrine sent his army in King Harold's kingdom to steal resources from houses and strengthen his army.

Events of Herobrine Edit

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Personality Edit

Herobrine is an ambitious man, he seeks to rule over Minecraftia and will use any mean to achieve his goal. He is cold, cruel and ruthless, and will eliminate anyone who will stand on his way without any mercy. He believes strength to be the only way to achieve goals, despising benevolence and mercy.

Herobrine is usually calm, but he has a fierce temper and will often scold his men's incompetences. Yet, he treats those who successfully achieve a task with respect and will congratulate them.

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