This is the HumanDragon specie info page :) HumanDragon race created by Stevenrobson (me)

If you want, you can create an HumanDragon or DragonHuman, is just ask Steven :D


  •  HumanDragons are: Human and Dragon hybrid.
  •  HumanDragons live in the HumanDragon planet, where they born, The HumanDragons planet have 2 (discovered) cities, which is: Phantalon and Orbis.
  • HumanDragons have the abilities of becoming a dragon and have the eyes glowing.
  • Some HumanDragons born wild and some peoples use them as a protector / bodyguard.
  • The wild HumanDragons live without help of anyone and MAYBE they back to normal, without being wild.
  • The wild HumanDragons have black and purple (a bit blue) eyes but it glows.
  • The wild HumanDragons are: A normal HumanDragon, that born wild, back to normal after a time and randomly (only some times), its inner beast attack it and control him, doing the eyes be black and purple (a bit blue) and attacking everyone at its front.
  • HumanDragons are 60% Humans and 40% Dragons.
  • DragonHumans are 60% Dragons and 40% Humans.


  • They have a weapon, a book (written at DragonHuman symbols) and a special gem

Back to normal, Wild!Edit

Wild HumanDragons and Dragonhumans are so much dangerous.

To make one back to normal, you need to: make he become unconscious,

jail him in a jail made of Tazerium, an ore that they fear and get killed by it when get shot by

Tazerium bullets/arrows/etc.

Then, take an diamond apple, give it to he, but beware with its teeths!

Wait until morning and shout at he.

Done. he/she become normal again. To prevent for more time they become wild, you need to tame them with an gift.

-Wild HumanDragons do something that makes blue fire leave of their mouth, to get help from the other wild humandragons/dragonhumans.

NOTE- This is of HumanDragons and DragonHumans, everything that happens with HumanDragons, happen with DragonHumans.