Name: Hydro

Nickname: None at the moment.

Age: He can't remember, but he looks like he is in his early teens.

Personality: He is sometimes kind, other times he is quite rude. He is stubborn and almost always curious. He is clever, and when he wants to do something, he tries to stick with it.

Abilities/Skills: He knows basic Taekwondo which he only uses as a last resort, and he has a telekinetic control over liquid. Water in specific.

Likes: Nobody at the moment.

Habbits/Hobbys: He has a bad habit of touching things he isn't supposed to and acting on his instincts. (Which are usually wrong) He doesn't really have a specific hobby because he likes doing many things.

Friends/Associates: None at the moment.

Family: He is an only child and his parent is a single mother. Or at least was as single mother, but last time he saw her he was eight.

Bio: He can't remember much before seven years old. All he remembers really is that his mother was crazy. When he was seven, his mother took him to a train station and after loosing her in a crowd he never saw her again. His mother was quite crazy, always obsessing over kinesis and pathic abilities. She encouraged him to do so aswell. So from the time he could speak he was homeschooled and more of his time was developed to staring at a Psi Wheel instead of education. After loosing his mother he hopped onto a train, to search for her. The train began to move and four years later he sits around a small canal, two miles from a farm and six miles from town. He doesn't need a correct home because of his adapted abilities, and only really needs to be near water as shelter.