=="Harry, i don't think we are safe now!"

-Jello to Harry

Jello Rebel

Backstory Edit


He was made in a cloning machine failure, which happened 2 months after harry was cloned. Alot of deformed clones were created. Harry found his hidden tree base, and found it filled with some deformed clones, and one of them was a small cute creeper, and harry picked him up, taking him. After some months, Harry and Jello were good friends.

Later, he escaped with Harry after the Combine War, and became part of Boleslav's squad. After Boleslav died, he joined Asya's squad, with no other choice. He stayed at Black Forest during the Uprising.

He was relocated to Genova along with Harry after the incident at Black Forest, and lived with Harry, SnivyBot, and Ether.

Bio Edit

He's usually curious, and shy. He's a bit weak when it comes to defending, and he is very careful with his friends.

Theme Song: Daft Punk - Veridis Quo

Name: Jello

Nickname: Jello

Age: 18 / Created: ???

Status: Alive.

Orientation: ???.

Home: Harry's Top Hat.

Race: Creeper/Aphrion

Gender: Male

Powers: Exploding, "Adowablenezz", Useless Force powers (with his feet, but he dosent know about that), Pootis

Allies: Harry, Ether, SnivyBot, HPA-Bot, Kit-E, Remington, Tappy.

Parents: ???

Weapons: None

Loves: Everyone :3 (Huwgs and Kissez!)

Likes: Hugs, Cats (for some reason), and Explosions (he's a creeper, deal with it)

Dislikes: People demanding him to explode, evil.