Joey Is Craft's Biggest Enemy. They met eachother in the human world a long time ago. Joey always envied craft because of her good grades and her popularity. He always made fun of her in the human world. Now when they got sucked into the minecraft world they became good friends.  They killed monsters everyday and rode pigs and had  fun. Intill one day Joey found a diamond and Craft accidently threw her pickaxe at his heart. As Joey was dying he saw Craft mine the diamond and then he died. As he went to hell his rage and anger grew stronger. The devil made him immortal and sent him back to earth. As he went back to earth he went lookign for Craft and planning for ways to kill her. All he could remember is Craft "accidently" threw the diamond in his heart

But what he DOESN'T know is that Craft didn't kill him for the diamond at all! It 

Craft Killing Joey

WAS and accident. Joey only remembers her killing him and then minning

the diamond. She only mined the diamond to give to Joey. Once she looked back... he was already dead. The diamond is now on the Tombstone of Joey.


Family: Joey was fooled into doing herobrined deeds when he went to hell. He is conviced that herobrine is his true dad.

Human life: When Craft and Joey were in the human world they were enimes too because they picked on eachother called eachother names, stole eachothers food,toys,etc. It went like that for years but now. Joey's only puporse in life is to Kill Craft.

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Joey now