Name jorgedoseMC
Sex Male
Age Ageless
Biological age 15
Species Super-Human
Occupation Anti-Hero, Demon Hunter, Knight (other universe), 3 unnamed jobs (other universes)
Relatives Unnamed parent (mother), unnamed parent (Father), Herobrine (Uncle)
Introduced in Unknown
Latest appearance Grand Chase
Voiced by No actor (possibly the creator in the real world
Skin Hispanic (THAT'S RACIEST!)

jorgedoseMC is a very used OC by Silver Virus (Formly known as jorgedoseMC, Shadow The Hedgehog, JorgeTheKidRS). He is known to be good, while a "Evil" self lurks so rarly. He is one of the SuperHumans.

Early LifeEdit

jorgedoseMC (Lets go with Jorge) was born in Indev, in the Nether. His parents (both god) were in such hurry. Before they could take Jorge to the Nether Portal, Herobrine appeared. They both ran as quick as possible, leaving Jorge behind.

At Age 4, He saw a Doctor creating some kind of human. Before then, a demon appeared and change halve of the human dna's to halve demon. Jorge then entered the Portal, and saw the Overworld for the first time

At Age 5, He discovered his powers. Before using his fist, he used to pick up mobs and throw them to get blocks. 

At Age 8, he met his evil uncle, Herobrine. Herobrine, plotting to kill him, covered him with blocks. Herobrine then crushed Jorge. Leaving Jorge to suffer, he left the world to do whatever he wanted. Jorge then dies 

At Age 13, in 1.5.1 Offical Release, Jorge somewhat came back from the dead. Knowing he stilled had powers, he used them for the good. He then got in a battle with Herobrine and won.


Jorge seems to be a kind, helpful SuperHuman. He has a "super" sense of Humor, and trolls peoples

There's not really much known of him, since he is only refeered and not directly addressed.



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