"Who is "she"? She's kind of ugly, don't know how you even liked her at some point."

Kit-E to SnivyBot, questioning his relationship with Waybot.


She was once a normal ocelot in the jungle, until a hunter came along in the jungle and hunted every ocelot they could find. Jake, an aphrion, found all the dead ocelots. Jake decided to "rebuild" them (illegally). Jake didn't manage to make them all work. Barely any of them worked, and were destroyed due to malfunctioning problems. Jake named one Real-Cat, and grew attached to her. It is the only one he didn't destroy. Jake abandoned Real-Cat and gave him to Harry. She didn't like Harry at first, but then started liking him a bit after a while. Real-Cat was redesigned to a better model as the old one was getting rusty and glitchy.

She spended most of her time in the Top Hat, but when Harry was found (Being marked as rogue...) Real-Cat started to come out of the Top Hat more times then usual, usually to play around with Harry.

She was redesigned and renamed Kit-E, along with a Telekinesis modification. She also has a few different modes, and recently applied for the Gravitarian Army. Being the unusual soldier, the Modifications have worked alot for fighting.

Fluffy asked Harry to rebuild her as a bi-pedal robot because "she was boring when always on four feet".

After the Combine invasion, instead of becoming a citizen, she was converted into a killing machine with no emotions. She became an important figure for the combine, and even became as high ranked as an advisor. She was completley brainwashed and forgot about everything in her past. She was trapped by Harry in West Owl and taken to the tophat, where she had her memory replaced with a back-up memory chip from before the Combine Invasion happened. She lived along with Harry, Jello, Ether, and SnivyBot in a their house in Genova.


She is a robot cat designed by Harry. She is usually very curious and likes to joke around sometimes. She is only serious when it comes to fighting.

Theme Song: Daft Punk - Revolution 909

Name: Kit-E

Nickname: Cat, Kit-E, Katy. (Nickname given by Jello.)

Age: ???

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Straight.

Home: Harry's top hat.

Race: Robot/Cat

Gender: Female

Powers: Artificial Telekinesis (Powerful, but does not last long due to it using up alot of energy.)

Allies: Ether, Harry, Jello, SnivyBot, HPA-Bot, Omega, Kaluko, Valentine, Remington.

Family Members: None

Weapons: Built-In Sniper Rifle and Sword.

Loves: SnivyBot

Likes: Relaxing, not being alone, sillieness.

Dislikes: Fighting (Although does it when necesarry), being alone.