Umbreon(s) so umbreon is a pokemon that gets his main source of power from the moon, most of these are used by a single person for roleplaying

(evolves from eevee)

Mint Edit

"could we, yknow, avoid that, and dont make any deals for it?"- Mint speaking with Ms.Mistery

mint is the frist umbreon to apparear, he dosent care about most things, often breaks his back on  he is also the sona of MV

Trainer: dosent has one, its a wild pokemon

Gender: Male

Age: unkown (probably an adult)

Likes: food, naps, 4th wall breaking , doctors

Dislikes:  Ms.Mystery, evil pokemon, fairies, begin called evil

Ring color: Orange (Dyed)


Virus is a sarcastic character that hates most pepole, she often gets in trouble stealing food arround kalos, she dosent trust most humans because of a certain accident with a thief

Trainer: Axl

Gender:  female

Age: unknown

Likes: Axl, cute pokemon, other eeveevolutions

Dislikes: most humans

Ring color: yellow (natural)