Artist impression of Mineupbot

"You are going to need a better power to defeat me" - Mineupbot to SnivyBot

Mineupbot. Maybe the most powerful robot in Minecraftia. He may be worse. Not much is known about his origins, but we know he's become a ruthless killing machine.


  • Name : Mineupbot
  • Nicknames : N/A
  • Race : Robots
  • Parents : N/A
  • Traits : Unmerciful, Cruel, Stubborn, Loyal
  • Habits : Voice sometimes goes deep.
  • Age : N/A
  • Transport : Air Boots
  • Friendships : N/A
  • Cares For : N/A
  • Relationships : N/A 
  • Interested in : N/A
  • Likes : Explosions, fast things, lastest technology
  • Dislikes : Not being the best, Eri

Origins and Story so farEdit


Not much is known about the robot's origins. From the little information we gathered, he was made by a creator that no one knows, nor even known exists, who made him to destroy every living thing on earth. He has made:

- Mineupbot V1.0 (AKA Mineupbot Alpha)

- Mineupbot V1.1 (AKA Mineupbot Beta)

- Mineupbot V1.2 (AKA Mineupbot Delta)

After one version went horribly wrong and escaped, the creator improved his other Mineupbots and sent them to find Mineupbot V1.3. Mineupbot has been hiding from them, but no one has seen these other Mineupbots.

On The RunEdit

Mineupbot has been spotted many times, always seeming to threaten other people for information. Once he gets what he wants, he flies off. He has also been spotted destroying villages and small civilisation.

Coming to the Good SideEdit

Mineupbot was spotted yet again, and caused more destructon than usual. He had made his first kill and his biggest attack. He came to neutraul, and felt strange, as he never felt that way before. Mineupbot was trying to help an injured pokemon (Eri) who refused, losing trust in Mineupbot, and Mineupbot just flew off. Rumor has it that the creator of the 'bot has heard of these actions and made a super powerful Mineupbot, called Mineupbot V2.0 or Mecha Mineupfast  and sent him to kill Mineupbot V1.3.