Mineupbot V2

Although seen many times, no one knows who this robot is. And they don't even know what kind of robot he is. He is known to be asking of Mineupbot's destination.


  • Name : Mineupbot V2
  • Nicknames : Mecha Mineupfast
  • Race : Shadow Robots
  • Parents : N/A
  • Traits : Unmerciful, Cruel, Destructive, Malicious
  • Habits : Eyes sometimes goes black.
  • Age : N/A
  • Transport : Jet Boots
  • Friendships : N/A
  • Cares For : N/A
  • Relationships : N/A 
  • Interested in : N/A
  • Likes : Explosions, Death, Fire
  • Dislikes : Not being the strongest of all, Mineupbot


No one really knows his origins. But his origins are really evil. His master has heard Mineupbot has turned good, and wanted an evil Mineupbot. Since there was no way to bring him back to evil, he got to work on another Mineupbot. This robot had the same design as his other robots still on his side. Mineupbot V2 still had to prove himself to be the best, though.

Making Evil RiseEdit

Mineupbot V2 wanted to upgrade himself to be better and update himself to be a lot more smarter in combat. His master could not do this, because he was not a high rank. Mineupbot V2 asked how he could become high rank imediately, and was answered with destroying Mineupbot Delta, who has the highest rank, until he could no longer fight back. Mineupbot V2 accepted and fought Mineupbot Delta. He had won but kept fighting Mineupbot Delta until he could no longer operate. His master made him stop and gave him the highest rank. Mineupbot V2 was happy with his success and demanded a full system upgrade.

His master did so and Mineupbot was no longer just a robot. He was a Shadow Robot. Those are very rare kinds of robots in Minecraftia, but also extremely powerful. Mineupbot also asked if he could make his brothers Shadow Robots. His master did so and Mineupbot V2 went to destroy completely perish Mineupbot, without his master's permission.