Nick: Hey steven,boom,spidy come here i made lunch

Spidy: oohh this looks good

Nick: Well im gonna let u eat *walks out of kitchen and presses a button* *Food explodes in everyones face*

Steven,Spidy,Boom: NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *chases after nick*



Name: Nick Jacobs

Nickname: nick

Age: 12

Orientation:  Unknown

Home: Unknow                                                                        

Nick Jacobs

Race: ???

Gender: Male

Powers: teleportation, Bloody Falcon punch,

Parents: Missing

Allies: Stevenrobson, BOOMmaker, TheSpiderRider,Kiujr,Shyeevee,balla,Snivyluck

Weapons: Iron sword, SMG, Energy sword, Pistol,

Personality:  Careless,Brave,Evil (Sometimes) Good (most of the time), Funny/Prankster

Loves: No one

Likes: Gore, Dogs, Rap, killing (Sometimes if needed) Role Play, Adventures! 12 Stones - My Life


he was at the lake with his parents when he was a baby, His parents was captured by some bandets and he never saw them again. so he swore to kill every Bandet and try to find his parents with the help of steven,boom, and Spidy!