"Rebooting... Gah! What... What happened to me?"

-Omega, after being repaired by Harry.


He was Harry's former assistant until the Combine War, where he dissapeared, but later reappeared in Zack's old lab seemingly looking for something. Harry found him and decided to repair him, eventually managing to fix him up.


Omega with his fake skin. (Noticeably thick!)


Omega Robot

Without his fake disguise skin.

He is calm, careful, curious, and highly intellegent.

Theme song: Basement Jaxx - Red Alert

Name: Omega V2.6

Nickname: Omega

Age: None / Made: ???

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Straight

Home: Harrys Top Hat.

Gender: Male

Race: Robot

Powers: None

Allies: Harry, Kit-E, Ether, Jello, SnivyBot.

Parents: None.

Weapons: None.

Loves: No one

Likes: (Unknown)