Personaillty: Pete(Full Name Pete Porker Jonson) Is very....strange. His age is very confusing since no one knows spiderpig years. Pete can be very very annyoing. And drives craft CRAZY. But Pete doesn't do it on purpose. He screws everything up but tries to help, Craft gives him some slack because he reminds him of her when he was young. Craft is tough on Pete because Crafts parents were tough on her. Pete is very small and very cute he isn't that shy...unless you put him on stage. Pete is always exicted to try new things and always ready for 



action! SuperPowers:Petes superpowers are.....Swinging on his webs, Driving people insane,, and eating 40 pizzas in one minute. Family: Pete doesn't know anything about his family. He was set up for one knows why. He was found crying on Craft's doorstep. Childhood:He IS still a child....atleast We think he is......   

Likes:Pizza,Chicken Wings, Bacon(DON'T TELL HIM!) And Icecream.



What He Is Up To Now: Pete is now living with craft, causing trouble and choas to him and everyone around him. Pete was once a boy in the human world, and now a pig in the minecraft world.