John Dragon D. Thompson (Human)

Peter Thompson (John Dragon) 
(born May 20) is a Human-Dragon born and raised on Huron Planet, he was raised by Max Thompson, his secondary father. His parents died in after fighting the three headed dark dragon with Max.

He lives in a cabin in the woods on Huron Planet and on Earth.

Biographical InformationEdit

  • Born: May 20, Huron Planet
  • Lives in: Huron and Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Loves: Nexa North
  • Species: Human-Dragon, Human
  • Status: Alive
  • Height: 5'8'


Peter Thompson was born and raised on Huron Planet. He was raised by Max Thompson in Huron. His parents died in a battle between his parents and The Three Headed Dark Dragon. After the battle, Max found him on a tree in the woods where his parents left him. Max carried Peter towards the castle to raise him and make him a skilled human-dragon. Max treated Peter as a son. After a few years, Peter grew up and turned to 14 years old. Max built Peter a cabin where his parents left him which is in the woods, and left Peter in the cabin which is his house. Peter also have a cabin in Earth and Minecraftia. He lives with his robot, Beam which James and him created when he was 16 years old.


Peter is an skilled human-dragon. He has the ability to throw and spit fireballs. He also has the ability to perform telekinesis. He uses his telekinesis powers to move an object, to levitate, and to heal. He haven't recognized he has the ability to perform telekinesis until Clint told him.

He can also teleport to a person or place using his telepad and his teleport device in his wristband. He is also good at using guns, he has good aims. He usually use pistols and shotguns (any type).