Age: looks 15

New Style Project

Home: --ERROR--

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg

Height: 5.4 ft

Bio: Project was a weapon sent to the past, his left arm is robotic, giving him extra strength, this is a prototype arm, improving it or replacing it will permanently damage it. Project's shins and knees are placed with a metal alloy, so he can fall from a high place without damage. Project got these upgrades from a battle with a gang of wither skeletons.  


Project is some times sarcastic, helpful and kind.... Some times.....

Project is very smart, hacking in to almost any system. He's tactical in battle, finding weaknesses and using them to his advantage. Project isn't that serious, cracking jokes at times.

Weapons and powersEdit

Project wielded the cyber sword but the technology was not up to snuff, so he took what was in the cyber sword, and upgraded it, making the cyber sword 2.0.

Not only does Project have the cyber sword 2.0, but he has a suit of armor with includes

  • Dual plasma swords
  • Loaded pistols, 2 for each arm.
  • A jet pack
  • A breathing device
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