The Nether Blade

The Nether Blade

ProjectR013 is a cyborgnetic guy, Project is more of a close range combat, he prefers to not use guns and uses them only if he has to.

Gender: Male

Accent: A little british

Age: Unknown

Team: The Bladed Bullet

Height: 5'85

Back StoryEdit

{Project} Why do you want to know my backstory exactly?


Project's weapons includeEdit

  • The Nether Blade
  • Ender Pearl (for teleportation)


They include:

The Hyper BloodEdit

Hyper Blood

Project in the Hyper Blood form

is a power that creates an aura freeing all bad energy that Project has at that moment, but this can lead by some side effects: Project loses control in this form, Project becomes insane, not knowing if he will win or lose

True SwiftEdit

In this state, Project gains a lot of speed, around 50% more speed.