Demon Arms

The Demon Arms

  • Name: Varconen
  • Age: 16
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite weapon: Bladed Arm
  • Likes: Eating Hearts, 8bit Music, Sleeping
  • Dislikes: Light, Romantic and Heartfelt Moments (although sometimes has them)


Varconen, a street wise smart talking sarcastic kid that grew in Alabama. Round his 15th birthday he took a joyride through his shady neighborhood only to find himself lost in a part of town he'd never been through. Looking for directions, he went into a weird shop filled with supernatural lookings. A woman dress in odd clothes came out to shoo him away. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, a thug rushed inside the shop and robbed the place, shooting Varconen in the process as he had tried to stop him.  The woman was revealed to be an Agent of Chaos, Angela. Angela attempting to save Varconen's life, bestowed the Darkness upon him and he was infused with supernatural powers. Varconen now is in unknown places with the Masked Stranger, Doctor Ender, Layla, and others.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Equipped with the Darkness inside of him, Varconen has a few abilities to which he can use against his enemies.

First, the demon arms can rip and tear through most material, cutting through them as if they were simply not there. He doesn't use it for this purpose most of the time, mostly only to restrain people and eat their hearts.

He also has a healing factor.

In some cases the Darkness completely consumes him turning him into a monster covered in almost invicible armor. In this state, Varconen can change his hand into a blade that slices through things like a breeze. He can also make barriers, regenerate his armor, and move at fast speeds.

Varconen also has the ability to call out minions at his will, called Darklings. He switches through the use of them, changing their personalities to his liking. The current one at the moment is Erebus (which in Greek mens Darkness) who is female.