Hello! This is the official rulesheet of the Mine-Imator Roleplay Wiki. If you have any rules to suggest, please put them down below in the comments and I will consider whether they're fit to be put into the rulesheet or not.

~SectorCTestLabs, MI-RP Wiki Admin

(1.) Wiki Rules: Edit

Rules regarding wiki activity (These rules are absolutely mandatory to follow):

1.1.) No vandalizing other people's pages.

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(2.) Chat Rules:Edit

Rules regarding on-chat activity (These rules must be atleast moderately enforced):

2.1.) No having overpowered characters.

2.2.) No insulting people, or getting angry at other people over RP situations.

2.3.) No Metagaming (Having your character know information that's only known out of roleplay.)

2.4.) No Godmodding (Controlling other people's characters, being able to destroy everyone and everything, and/or being able to dodge every attack thrown at them.

2.5.) If you're going to come onto chat only to idle, we will kick you.

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2.10.) WIP

(3.) Chat Guidelines / Character Creation Tips:Edit

These are more like guidelines, but it's still HIGHLY recommended to follow these, to have a more enjoyable RP experience:

3.1.) Please try to make your characters creative, and not rip off of existing properties. E.g. Supreme Commander, Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Yes, it is possible to make characters BASED on properties while still keeping your characters original. I'm just saying to not straight up rip off of these IPs.)

3.2.) Actually spend time creating your character. It's better to spend time on a character's development than churning them out in three minutes.

3.3.) Give them flaws. No one is perfect, so you should have your characters reflect that. Plus, they can make your character more interesting.

3.4.) Try not to go AFK randomly, just a recommendation.

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