"Wahh! Urhg... Who are you!? What are you doing?"

-SnivyBot to Aviur and Zerlinda

Backstory Edit


He was created by Zack in 2013, originally Fightingbot V1, and Snivy edited him.

he met Waybot, they became freinds, but snivybot loved her alot. He met fluffy, a robot dog, who he killed since Fluffy did "something" horrible.

After some months, Snivybot and Waybot discovered the chat room (a majestic place) with Harrys help, but Waybot went inside, and Snivybot didnt. Snivybot was told about Waybot taking over Waylon and her powers, and since he shouldn't have known, he has his memory erased by Harry.

Harry, afraid that he will do something wrong since he got his memory back, never let him near the Top Hat, or, not anywear near Ether's Cabin. He had nowhere to go, so he wandered. He eventually found Waybot, who looked completly different.

After a long while, SnivyBot found himself in a lab, with a man and a woman who were modifying him. He asked who they were, and they said they were Aviur and Zerlinda. Eventually, Aviur and Zerlinda kept SnivyBot for a few days before letting him free to roam the world. First they explained all his modes: Fighting, Flight, Aquatic, Sniper, and his basic mode. He found Harry and, along with him, joined the Gravitarian Army. During the Combine Invasion, he hid in Harry's tophat, which led to him running out of energy. He was then found by Harry, and decided to live with him, along with Ether and Jello.

Bio Edit

He is smart, careful, and helpful. He does not like being alone and tries to avoid that.

Theme Song: Daft Punk - Face To Face

Name: SnivyBot V2, FightingBot Prototype.

Nickname: SnivyBot

Made: 1-30 September 2013, although is as smart as an adult.

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Straight

Home: In Harry's top hat.

Race: Robot

Gender: Male

Powers: Can control Magnetism and Gravity.

Allies: Harry, Jello, Ether, Kit-E, HPA-Bot, Aviur, Zerlinda, Kaluko, Omega, Valentine, Remington.

Family Members: None

Weapons: Titanium Sword

Loves: Waybot (Formerly.), Kit-E.

Likes: Spagepi, Daft Punk.

Dislikes: Zack, Alphabot.