Incoming transmission: Hello, I'm Sparky!  Would you like to know about me?  Okay, read below, and you'll be able to learn about me... from my trusted and definitely voluntary biographer!


Sparky is a Pikachu.  He lived for years in Viridian Forest until he encountered a young boy named Pen .  Sparky originally had some... issues with the boy (Sparky's Note: Boy stole mah Cheri Berries!), but after a bit of negotiation, consisting of Sparky thrashing Pen and his Bulbasaur, the two became friends.  Sparky travelled across the world with Pen on an adventure to discover all the Pokemon.  After Pen died after being banished to a desert, a mysterious mage combined Sparky with Pen's spirit to save his life, turning Pen into an anthro Pikachu.  Sparky was considered dead.  However, Blair (Pen's former rival) visited Pen's house and separated the two, replacing Sparky's psyche (which had previously been inside of Pen) in a new Pikachu body. 


Sparky is an energetic (to say the least) and caring Pikachu.  He has moments of darkness, however - he has been known to enjoy drinking blood and gnawing on human bones.  ....He was dropped on his head as a baby (Sparky's Note: I will murder you, biographer!)  OK, I'm kidding.... (no I'm not).

Move Set

  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder Wave
  • Discharge
  • Iron Tail

Basic Info

Height: 1' 4"  (0.4 m)

Weight: 13.2 lbs (6.0 kg) (Sparky's Note: Hey, you callin' me fat?)

Level: 14

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Likes: Lucy, playing, drawing, reading, computers, hanging with his friends: Peach , Ty , Layla , Nexa , Doctor , Steven , and Random, Masked Stranger , Eri , Krick, etc.

Dislikes: Pokeballs, Double Rainbows (Sparky's Note: What do they mean?)

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