Dash in test subject uniform

Dash in his test subject uniform


Dash used to be a nice young boy at the age of 2,but then he was kidnapped by some crazy scientists at Cloud Labs,14 years later,Dash was put into a test by the name of:Project Horseman,which was supposed to turn people into horses,but the expiriment turned 90% of the test subjects into mutants,but luckily,he survived.he then went to a place by the name of Stormcloud corperations,a lab ran by a resigned member of cloud labs,his name was Dan,the two were friends since then,later on,the lab was renamed to sparta labs,Dash shaved his mustache and started a new life.

he then went on to saving people,blowing bad guy's heads off,and other good guy stuff.but these mercs from the lab went searching for him,they stood no chance againt Dash,due to all the stuff he's been through,his combat skills increase by alot.

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