• This Is Steven, normal (Wings not done in the rig yet)
  • This Is Steven. Controlled by the wolf.
  • Steven's current Dragon Form

1st StevenEdit

Name: Steven Soul Dragon

Nickname: Steven

Age:  18 years old

Home: Phantalon.

Race: Demigod, Rare HumanDragon.

Gender: Male

Powers: --Unknown--

Allies: Same as 2nd Steven

Parents: --Unknown--

Likes: Make friends.

Personality: Heroic


State/Status: Dead...

2nd StevenEdit

Name: Steven [Unknown name]

Nickname: Steven

Age:  12 years old

Home: ???

Race: Demigod, Wolf, Ender-Dragonhuman

Gender: Male

Occupation: EnderLord

Powers: --Unknown--

Allies: Normal: Almost Everyone.

Parents: --Unknown--

Likes: Make friends.

Traces: Friendly, Shy, Good Person, .

Loves: .. Marie ?

State/Status: Alive