A Stimpy Block crushing poor spartansparrrta/General Custard (Image belongs to MustardBlock)

A creation made by forumer Nedia, Stimpy Blocks are a strange type of blocks, who roam around the Mine-imator World, doing strange things.

Stimpy BlockEdit

Stimpy Blocks (Stimpus blockii) are living cubes, who live in the Mine-imator World. Their greatest power is hacking. They can do many things with it, one of their favorite ones is hacking Mine-imator wallpapers so that anyone who's in a wallpaper will have their faces replaced with an image of a Stimpy Block. They can also disable signals (thus prevent video feeds, radio feeds, etc.) and teleport. Though that's all that can do, they can make a great advantage of them.


- They can use the teleportation as a last mean of escape.

- Their ability to disable signals can be useful in various moments.

- Stimpy Blocks, with enough force, can crush a human to death, or at least injure them.


- Crushing is basically their only means of attacking, and even then, they have to find a structure with a great enough height to make the crush lethal.

Mega Stimpy BlockEdit

Mega Stimpy Blocks are giant versions of normal Stimpy Blocks, they can't hack, but make up for it with the ability to fly. They act like a transportation system, carrying Stimpy Blocks and Stimpy Block Giants.


- They can fly, which, with their ability to transport, can help Stimpy Blocks and Stimpy Block Giants if they need to move above the ground for whatever reason

- They can crush, like normal Stimpy Blocks, but their force can be strong enough to crash into buildings and even the ground.


- Like normal Stimpy Blocks, crushing is their only means of attack.

- Despite the ability to fly, they move rather slowly.

- Due to their size, they can be an easy target to hit.

Stimpy Block GiantEdit

Stimpy Block Giants are like those Titans from AoT, expect these are made from Stimpy Blocks. They can move around, swing their arms, kick their feet, etc. Usually carried around by Mega Stimpy Blocks, though they can also move on feet; they also can't hack. They are basically the Stimpy Blocks' biggest means of attack.


- Not only can they crush humans, but can also punch and kick too as well.

- They are pretty agile, having no problems moving through different terrain and different weather.


- It takes a 2 second delay for a Stimpy Block Giant to punch/kick.

- They move slow; not as slow as the Mega Stimpy Block, but still not fast as a normal Stimpy Block.

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