Ted and Zef
Ted and Zef
Ted on the left, Zef on the right
Vital statistics
Position William's friends
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Power Fire Resistance
Gender Unknown
Sexual Orientation Unknown
Love interests Unknown
Trevor: "Zombies?!"
William: "Don't worry, they are harmless. They are friends of mine and they're accompanying me in my journey.
~ William, reassuring Trevor about Ted and Zef
Ted and Zef are the tritagonists of the comic Herobrine. They are two friendly zombies brothers and William's friends.

Their theme is Henry Hatsworth - Welcome to My Lair!.

Biography Edit

Past Edit

The origins and past of Ted and Zef are unknown. At some point, they learned to talk and act as human beings. They eventually found a way to avoid burning at sunlight by stealing fire resistance potions from a witch.

Events of Herobrine Edit

Ted and Zef found William in a cave while the latter was asleep. William eventually woke up only to find out that the two zombies were standing in front of him, frightened, he punched Zef in the nose. Ted eventually calmed William down by telling him they weren't here to harm him, and the two zombies introduce themselves to him. Curious about William's presence in the cave, Ted and Zef ask him why he is here. William then explains the death of his father, the argument with his brother and the destruction of his home by Herobrine's troops. Touched by the story, Ted and Zef ask William if they can help him, which William accepts. The trio then leaves the cave in search of a town.

On the way, they get lost, but they eventually met a traveller named Trevor who is first scared of Ted and Zef but William reassures him. Trevor then accepted to lead the group to the nearest town called Carnas. On the way, they get ambushed by bandits but a mercenary named Mike Saika fought the bandits and saved the group. The mercenary joins the group on William's ask and they continue their way to Carnas.

Personalities Edit

Ted is the smartest of the two and is serious most of the time. When there is a task to make, he tries to stay focused on it and tries not to get distracted. He is sometimes annoyed by his brother's clumsiness and love of cookies, and sometimes tries to get him back in the right track.

Zef is the less intelligent of the two. He is clumsy, fearful, talkative and fond of food, especially cookies which are his favourite food. He tends to get easily distracted and influenced, he is usually unlucky. He is more friendly than Ted and enjoys making friends, he tries to socialize but is ignored most of the time. For example, when meeting someone he always asks how are they but they don't answer, as shown three times with William, Trevor and Mike.