Hero OC Pose

The Hero

The Hero was traveling in his tardis to get into another universe where animals where overlords of the world just for fun, suddenly his Tardis was hit by a blocky metorite coming from a leaking rift in the mutiverse and he had been sucked into a wired blocky world where everyone and even him where blocks. The Hero came out of his Tardis to find a wired Girl with a hoodie which had looked like a Creeper *skips all the long and boring stuff* and thats how the Hero safed the minecraft world.


Name : Hero

Age : 915

Human Age: 21

Type of Alien : Timelord (Past race is Timegod)

Tools : Sonic Pen

Regen Version : 5th

Lovers : None (He is lonly)

Firends : The Doctor, Ghost, Rufuas, and some other people

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