Todd enjoys being himself.

Todd is one of Dash S. Sparta's friends,he enjoys doing the robot,and eating pancakes while hanging out with his best friend,Bill.

The beginningEdit

As a child,Todd was a nerd,but one day,while trying to stand up to a bully,he got hit in the head and fell to the ground,the bully said "Your head's a pancake!"and Todd yelled "PancaAaAkes!" which made the bully barf pancakes.

Todd then became obsessed with pancakes.he rarely eats anything else.

Meeting BillEdit

Todd goes to every single breakfeast store and gets pancakes,lots of pancakes,once a month.when he went to a donut shop that served pancakes,he saw Bill,when Bill saw that Todd has slight brain damage and cant store any memories,Bill punched Todd in the head lightly,and said to Todd,"we're best friends,remember?"and Todd said with a smile and crossed eyes,"yesh!now lets eat PAAAANCAAAAAKES!"